Supermetrics vs Power My Analytics: The better reporting platform

Supermetrics vs power my analytics

No matter the enterprise you are in, data is crucial. Most choices nowadays are both subsidized through or supported with data. If you need to further develop your business, you need it. There are many tools available in the marketplace that let you accumulate data whether it is for social media, SEO, or some other purpose.

Even with all this data at everyone’s disposal, entrepreneurs, data analysts and business owners face one common trouble — a way to position all of these diverse data assets together. Using more than one system is messy, difficult and time-consuming. Because of this, humans have advanced tools that allow us to accumulate and display all our data.

Supermetrics, Power My Analytics and Two Minute Reports provide a brilliant approach to a common hassle of marketers and business owners everywhere in the world. However, selecting the proper one for your business isn’t smooth that is why in this post we will be looking at specific variables that will help you pick out the proper tool for your needs.


When evaluating reporting automation tools, which data destinations are available is one of the most vital elements to consider. Data destinations are locations wherein the numerous data you accumulated is incorporated to. For Supermetrics, you can use technical options such as API, Azure, Big Query and Snowflake collectively with Google Sheets, Google Looker Studio, Excel, numerous different BI tools, data warehouses and data lakes to store your data.

On the alternative hand, Two Minute Reports and Power My Analytics can integrate data to Google Looker Studio and Google Sheets. All platforms offer equal baseline destinations however Supermetrics gives extra choices.

Data sources (connectors)

Which data connectors are available is a similarly crucial element as data destinations that you need to consider whilst making a preference among Supermetrics Power My Analytics and Two Minute Reports. A data source or a data connector is the location where data you want to analyze, report on or visualize from.

There are quite a few data connectors that you could use with Supermetrics. Users can select amongst 70+ different platforms, most of which can be marketing platforms.

While Power My Analytics and Two Minute Reports support all major ad generating platforms.


The fee of Supermetrics is different based on the data destination of your choice. Right now, we will be looking at Supermetrics’ prices for Google Looker Studio. Supermetrics is available in different plans: the first plan starts from about $48 per month per data source. In this plan, you can use up to 8 different data sources and 1 user. The second — custom — plan permits you to apply more than 8 data sources and more than one 1 user. The pricing for this plan isn’t to be had online and you may have to contact the Supermetrics crew for a quote. Supermetrics is available in a free 14-day trial. It gives complete functions and it does not require a credit card.

Power My Analytics is available in four different plans: Business, Pro, Agency and Enterprise. The cheapest plan starts at $24.96 per month when paid annually and it includes 2 different team members, 3 data sources, email and phone support. The second and the third plan are similar, they both offer unlimited data sources, email and phone support. The only difference is with the number of users. The Pro plan is limited to 3 team members. 

There is also the  Enterprise plan which is offered at a custom price and it includes unlimited team members, data sources and a dedicated account manager. You can contact the Power My Analytics team for a direct quote. Just like Supermetrics, Power My Analytics offers a free 14-day full access trial, available without a credit card.



Overall, Power My Analytics is available in more plans and for a cheaper price that offers more.



Two Minute Reports Pricing starts from $5/mo when billed annually. And $7/mo when billed monthly. Offering the lowest pricing of all with all major data connectors and some great features.

Unlike others, Two Minute Reports provides 2 data sources and 2 Ad accounts per data source with their starter plans. For example, if the user chooses Facebook Ads and Google Ads. They will be able to add 2 Ad accounts for Facebook Ads(2 Facebook accounts). And 2 Ad accounts for Google Ads (2 Google Ads accounts). In Two Minute Reports, users can customize every plan. They are given the option to add as many users and data sources as they desire.

The pro plan from Two Minute Reports offers unlimited data sources and unlimited Ad accounts to users. While Supermetrics provide 10 Ad accounts and Power My Analytics provides limited Ad accounts, TMR allows you to add 100’s of Ad accounts. No problems! While others only provide limited data sources with their pro plans, TMR offers unlimited data sources. And still costs lower than others and provides great value for the money. Users also get a free 14 days trial to see if the tool checks all their boxes.

Final Thoughts

Supermetrics Power My Analytics and Two Minute Reports are each great solutions to report and visualize your data. Supermetrics has been the champion for decades however because of the recent pricing changes, many people have begun searching for options such as Power My Analytics and Two Minute Reports. Supermetrics does provide more however Power My Analytics gives a comparable experience for an inexpensive price. However, we strongly encourage you to attempt our solution — Two Minute Reports because it presents the fine experience, expenses and customer service out of the bunch.

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