Supermetrics vs. Whatagraph: The No. 1 best reporting tool

Supermetrics vs Whatagraph

For most businesses, data is everywhere, but monitoring them is a muddle. A reporting tool is probably an answer, but, figuring out the manner to select one isn’t easy. While Google Sheets and Google Data Studio is marketers choice to manage their data, with the help of a reporting tool. There are some popular reporting tools that use their own interface to create reports.

In this article, we are comparing Supermetrics and Two Minute Reports, which Provide solutions through Google Sheets or Google Data Studio. With Whatagraph, that uses its own interface to create Reports.


Supermetrics tries and streamlines the shipping of data from a lot of data connectors into the reporting and analytics tools that marketers already know. Supermetrics simply moves your advertising data from all user platforms into destinations like Google Sheets, Excel, and Data Studio. Once there, users can examine the precise statistics they need and construct custom advertising reports for their clients, management team, or users very own use.


Whatagraph, on the other hand, moves users advertising information into their personal platform. It integrates with a moderate number of marketing platforms, from which users can construct reports with Whatagraph’s personal reporting tool to monitor users marketing performance.

Two Minute Reports

Two Minute Reports helps marketers manage all their marketing campaigns and end-to-end campaigns from all major ad generating platforms. The data can be viewed on popular online platforms like Google Sheets and Google Data Studio. Reports can be created easily in 2 minutes through the predefined template gallery.

So let’s leap into component one and spot how Supermetrics, Whatagraph and Two Minute Reports compare from each other in terms of the quality of data connectors.

Quality of Data Connectors

At Two Minute Reports, our goal is to offer data as granular as possible. You’ll have the ability to pull a huge variety of metrics and dimensions from every data source connector, permitting you to create the precise reports you need. Whatagraph refers back to the data you could pull as ‘widgets’. These are predefined blocks of data that you could drag and drop into your reports. To evaluate the number of data available, let’s take 3 of the most famous data sources and spot what you could get with Supermetrics, Whatagraph and Two Minute Reports respectively.

SupermetricsWhatagraphTwo Minute Reports
Facebook Ads Fields512 metrics
219 dimensions
123 widgets330 metrics
115 dimensions
Google Ads Fields114 metrics
296 dimensions
94 widgets72 metrics
120 dimensions
Google Analytics Fields483 metrics
623 dimensions
91 widgets377 metrics
285 dimensions

Two Minute Reports will provide you with granular access to all of the metrics and dimensions available inside a platform. In a few cases, you’ll additionally locate fields that are available through Two Minute Reports, but not inside a platform’s native reporting. Any metrics that you particularly require, and is not available with TMR, will be added on request.

Data destination flexibility

Once you’ve identified the platforms you need to pull data from, the subsequent step is to visualize them. As we cited at the outset, Two Minute Reports and Supermetrics helps you to circulate data into the reporting and analytics tools you’re already using, whether that’s a spreadsheet or Google Data Studio report. Whatagraph pulls your data into its own platform in which you can make various marketing reports.

Where can I circulate my data with these platforms?

With Supermetrics and Two Minute Reports, you have the liberty to move and centralize your data depending on what fits your needs. If you want to analyze a particular dataset, you could pass it right into a Google Sheets spreadsheet. If you want to create overall performance tracking dashboards and reports, you could use Google Data Studio.

And even as Whatagraph in all fairness easy to use, you’re restricted by what you could do as soon as your data is of their platform. It’s very handy for marketers who want a clean way to create easy, good looking reports. But in case you need to create relatively custom-designed reports, run thorough analyses, or access specific data points, Whatagraph isn’t the best solution.

In addition, users of Watagraph have a high probability of getting stuck in a vendor lock-in situation. This is a situation in which both the marketer and their customers are required to own a Whatagraph account to edit, view or essentially do anything with the report. Even if the users have switched their reporting platform, they would still be paying Whatagraph to use their old reports.


As your company grows, so too do your analytics and data needs. You would possibly start out with the aid of using developing easy advertising reports for your customers and managers or constructing easy to understand dashboards to screen performance. As you become more analytically mature, that can evolve into deeper analysis in spreadsheets or more complicated reviews that mix large datasets from a couple of platforms.

At Two Minute Reports, we apprehend that data integration needs aren’t static. Data complexity, mainly for sales, advertising and marketing records, grows together along with your business. Our solutions keep pace as your needs alternate going from spreadsheets to data visualization tools and plenty more. We offer the proper data delivery solution to your needs, regardless of wherein you’re in your data journey.

Whatagraph is a good place to begin for the ones at the start of their journey. It’s properly applicable to marketers who want an easy-to-use solution and aren’t too comfortable with greater superior reporting and analytics tools. On the other hand, Supermetrics is preferred for marketers of large scales and sizes. It has been in the market for a long time but is losing its relevance, unable to keep up with the current data needs. Two Minute Reports falls perfectly in the basket, being the best platform for a company of any scale. You may be a small startup or a large corporate, Two Minute Reports has the perfect solution that meets your needs.

Templates Comparison

Predefined templates are an essential part of creating a professional report with ease. Here is a comparison of templates from all 3 platforms.

Here is a comparison of FaceBook Ads templates from Supermetrics, Whatagraph and Two Minute Reports.

Here is a comparison of FaceBook Insights templates from Supermetrics, Whatagraph and Two Minute Reports.


According to their pricing page, Supermetrics pricing starts at €69/mo if paid annually.

The starter plan lets users connect up to 10 accounts from a specific data source (e.g. 10 Facebook Ads accounts). If users need more accounts with only one data source or need additional users, they need to request a custom plan.

Whatagraph pricing starts at $119/mo. They provide 1 ad account and a few selective data connectors.

Two Minute Reports Pricing starts from $5/mo when billed annually. And $7/mo when billed monthly. Offering the lowest pricing of all with all major data connectors and some great features.

Unlike others, Two Minute Reports provides 2 data sources and 2 Ad accounts per data source with their starter plans. For example, if you choose Facebook Ads and Google Ads. You will be able to add 2 Ad accounts for Facebook Ads(2 Facebook accounts). And 2 Ad accounts for Google Ads (2 Google Ads accounts). In Two Minute Reports, you can customize every plan. Options are given to add as many users and data sources as you desire.

The pro plan from Two Minute Reports offers unlimited data sources and unlimited Ad accounts to users. While Supermetrics provide 10 Ad accounts and Whatagraph provides limited Ad accounts, TMR allows you to add 100’s of Ad accounts. No problems! While others only provide limited data sources with their pro plans, TMR offers unlimited data sources. And still costs lower than others and provides great value for the money.

Final thoughts

There are numerous distinct options on the market. Even though a number of them appear comparable at first, each serves a distinct purpose and can be exceptional in use.

Supermetrics are superb for enterprise businesses with plenty of different data sources and visualization needs, whilst Whatagraph and Two Minute Reports are splendid for smaller businesses that might be seeking out an easy-to-use tool.

Whatever your specific case is, we are hoping that this article might be able to help you find the right platform that suits your needs.

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