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Supermetrics vs

If you’re like most businesses, data is everywhere, however tracking them is a challenge. A reporting tool might be an answer, however, determining the way to pick out one isn’t easy.

Google Looker Studio gives you free hands to create the kind of dashboards you want, while reporting tools try and help you quickly pull data from as many sources as you need. Google Looker Studio connectors let you get data from almost anywhere, and create interactive cross-channel reports in Google Data. This makes it easy for users to analyze data and create reports in an easy and secure environment. Google Looker Studio focuses on being no-code and helps users solve their use cases with a drag-and-drop interface.

Reviews sites like G2 Crowd, Trust Radius, and Alternative, generate their lists automatically, ignoring the caveats and insights of every provider. They rank first on Google though.

To help we are comparing Supermetrics, Windsor, and Two Minute Reports.

Supermetrics for Google Looker Studio

Supermetrics for Google Looker Studio offers a lot of data sources that can be set up fairly easily, including e-commerce, social media, SEO, advertising, web, product, and mobile analytics.

According to their pricing page, Supermetrics for Google Looker Studio prices starts at €69/mo if paid annually.

The starter plan lets users connect up to 10 accounts from a specific data source (e.g. 10 Facebook Ads accounts). If users need more accounts with only one data source or need additional users, they need to request a custom plan.

Windsor connects marketing data with their platform to measure ROI for different channels, campaigns, keywords, and creativity. They promise an increase in marketing ROI of 15% to 44% to its users.

The standout feature of is their ML Bayesian algorithm designed to give insights and recommendations for improving marketing efforts. Other features include a keyword optimization tool, TV ads performance measurement, and Google Ads optimization. is one of these Supermetrics options outstanding for companies that have a complicated consumer journey consisting of many exclusive touchpoints throughout numerous systems. Since it additionally gives insight into offline and TV spending, companies with more traditional marketing structures might be more drawn to it.’s user interface is a bit tricky and confusing at times to non-technical users. When it comes to’s pricing, it’s far to be had in 5 different plans beginning from the free plan that’s constrained to 1 document and data source. The other plans provide from 3 to 10 exclusive data source connectors, relying on the plan the users choose.

Here’s Windsor’s pricing

Two Minute Reports

Two Minute Reports (TMR) is a Google Looker Studio connecter, Two Minute Reports requires no coding knowledge to set up and use. And getting started only takes a few minutes, since all you have to do is authenticate the data sources you’ll be using.

Apart from others, Two Minute Reports provide data options like automatically setting all null values to zeros. With TMR, Google Looker Studio can be set up in a few clicks, including e-commerce, social media, SEO, advertising, and web analysis.

Two Minute Reports supports all major connectors, with many more on the way.



Two Minute Reports Pricing starts from $5/mo when billed annually. And $7/mo when billed monthly. Offering the lowest pricing of all with all major data connectors and some great features.

Unlike others, Two Minute Reports provides 2 data sources and 2 Ad accounts per data source with their starter plans. For example, if the user chooses Facebook Ads and Google Ads. They will be able to add 2 Ad accounts for Facebook Ads(2 Facebook accounts). And 2 Ad accounts for Google Ads (2 Google Ads accounts). In Two Minute Reports, users can customize every plan. They are given the option to add as many users and data sources as they desire.

The pro plan from Two Minute Reports offers unlimited data sources and unlimited Ad accounts to users. While Supermetrics provide 10 Ad accounts and Windsor provides limited Ad accounts, TMR allows you to add 100’s of Ad accounts. No problems! While others only provide limited data sources with their pro plans, TMR offers unlimited data sources. And still costs lower than others and provides great value for the money.

Final thoughts

There are numerous distinct options on the market. Even though a number of them appear comparable at first, each serves a distinct purpose and can be exceptional in use.

Supermetrics are superb for enterprise businesses with plenty of different data sources and visualization needs, whilst Windsor and Two Minute Reports are splendid for smaller businesses that might be seeking out an easy-to-use tool.

Whatever your specific case is, we are hoping that this article might be able to help you find the right platform that suits your needs.

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