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How Two Minute Reports Works

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Build professional client reports, track multi-channel performance, and find campaign ROI opportunities. Make every minute count billable.

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Pick a template or use our report builder to craft professional, white-labeled, multi-channel reports and dashboards. Drag and drop, like legos for marketing reports.

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Schedule and deliver new reports to email inboxes in a click. Duplicate existing reports for new clients. Run client reporting on autopilot.

Why Two Minute Reports?


Get your sleep back

  • TMR LogoFree up 100s of Billable Hours
  • TMR LogoStop copy-pasting data into manual reports
  • TMR LogoAutomate reports and live dashboards
  • TMR LogoPull data from 30+ marketing sources across Paid Ads, SEO, E-commerce & more
  • TMR LogoSetup processes to onboard and serve more clients in fewer hours
  • TMR LogoBe ready by default - no more scrambling before client meetings
Automate client reporting
SarahDigital Director in UK

“My weekly report is done in 1 minute rather than 1 hour”

ShandaDirector of Operations in US

“A Must For Digital Agencies and Online Businesses.”


Hot & delicious reports

  • TMR LogoLook professional and uphold your brand with stunning templates & white-labeled reports
  • TMR LogoAutomate progress reports - showcase success and avoid communication gaps
  • TMR LogoShare live dashboards - build transparency, client loyalty and strong client relationships
  • TMR LogoNo patchwork - show the full story with powerful templates & custom report builder
  • TMR LogoWow your clients with smooth user-friendly reports in Google Sheets or Looker Studio
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Show them the money

  • TMR LogoDiscover new opportunities to increase client revenue and yours
  • TMR LogoStop wasting money on channels & campaigns that fail to convert
  • TMR LogoNarrow down on high performing Campaigns, Ads or Videos with the most ROI
  • TMR LogoConsolidate aggregate-spends and conversions across multiple channels
  • TMR LogoEasily monitor account trends and campaign progress for all clients
  • TMR LogoGet your performance questions answered with AI
Get ROI insights
Show them the Money-Illustration
MattManaging Director in UK

“Two Minute Reports enabled us to grow our marketing efforts and ensure we can quickly keep an eye on key metrics..”

Stop juggling data tools.

Let the data flow.

No copy-paste. No switching tabs. Just plug
your favorite tools, keep your data fresh.

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