Get your data, into Google Sheets

Connect with Facebook Ads, MySQL, Google Ads, Shopify, etc. and create a complete Dashboard in 2 minutes. Save yourself from Copy/Paste & Excel hell.

Trusted by 4000+ Brands and Agencies

Get metrics from your Data Sources

Get data from your Sources to Looker Studio automatically.

Check our Roadmap for upcoming Data Sources and add your favourite ones!

fadsFacebook Ads
insInstagram Insights
msadsMicrosoft Ads
gadwGoogle Ads
ladsLinkedIn Ads
ttadsTikTok Ads
finsFacebook Insights
ga4Google Analytics 4
snapadsSnapchat Ads
pinadsPinterest Ads
gscGoogle Search Console
gmbGoogle My Business

Create your Reports quickly

Consolidate your Marketing/Product data from different sources into a Report or Dashboard in minutes.

The super-intuitive UI gets your brain excited 🤩 and not drained out-of-energy.

Eliminate hours of manual work

Save time by scheduling automatic data transfers in Google Sheets, even when you are away!

You can also send PDF, Excel attachments, or your entire report as an image in your automated emails

Quick Overview

Things you can do with Two Minute Reports for Google Sheets

checkGet your ADs, Analytics, eCommerce, SEO data
checkKeep your Google Sheets updated with Live data automatically
checkAutomate Reports
checkTrigger E-Mails at periodic intervals
check1 Click report creation from previous reports
checkManage multiple accounts
checkAttach PDF, Excel files in Email


Report the PPC AD metrics of Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc


Get Product Analytics from popular sources like Google Analytics.


Backup SEO metrics like Keywords, Clicks, SERP ranking, FCP, FID, etc


Pull raw data from product, operations or marketing databases.

Get the power of 4 Tools in 1

Monitor Ad performance, SEO metrics, eCommerce Sales, Website Analytics, Operational metrics from Database, News data from external API, etc. all from Google Sheets.

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