Connect Google Ads to Google Sheets: Tutorial & Free Templates (2024)

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Jun 17, 2024

By Two minute reports

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2 Ways to connect Google ads to Google sheets


Here, we'll show you a step-by-step guide of how we build our comprehensive Google ads Report to analyze what's going on with your current (or past) Google Ads campaigns.. Without writing a single line of code you can automatically pull the latest data from Google Sheets to Google Sheets. Let me show you how to use our google sheets integration for importing data.

First, you can Check out the process to install, Two Minute Reports google sheets add on.

After installing the Two Minute Reports sidebar, we have two different approaches to create our Google Ads Report on Google Sheets.

Method 1: Connect Google Ads to Google Sheets using Two Minute Reports Sidebar.

Method 2: Connect Google Ads to Google Sheets using in-built Templates of Two Minute Reports.

Method 1: Connect Google Ads to Google Sheets using sidebar

  • Once you install the Two Minute Reports add-on for Google sheets, you can launch the sidebar by going to the Extensions tab in a new Google sheet.
  • Click on the Menu icon near Data Queries and choose Data Sources
  • Once the Data Sources section is open, click on Add+ to create a new Shopify Data source.

    Google ads to google sheets data source

  • Name your new Data Source and Select Google Ads from the drop down.
  • Click on Sign In with Google to authenticate your Google Ads data source.

    Google ads to google sheets sign in with google

  • Click on Save .
  • Once you get a message “Data Source successfully authenticated save?” click on Yes.

    Google ads to google sheets save data source

  • Now, select the Menu icon and choose Data Queries.

    Google ads to google sheets create query

  • Start naming your new Query, Select your newly created Google Ads Data Source from the drop down below.
  • You can either choose One or Multiple Ad Accounts for Google Ads.

    Google ads to google sheets ad accounts

  • You can now choose your desired metrics from the listed categories below like Performance, Conversions, Videos, Calls etc.. and these consists of Impressions, Conversion values, Video views etc..

    Google ads to google sheets metrics

  • Once you choose your Metrics for your Google Ads Report, it is time to categorize your metrics with its specific Dimensions. In dimensions you have categories like Time, Store, Product etc.. which consist of Date, Store name, Product name etc..

    Google ads to google sheets dimensions

  • Once you have chosen your combination of Metrics and Dimensions, you can move onto the Date Section where you can either use pre defined Date Ranges available or create your own custom Date Range.

    Google ads to google sheets date

  • Next, Select the Sheet and Cell location for writing the data into your desired sheet and cell location.
  • Click on Run Query.

    Google ads to google sheets run query

  • Click on “Yes” to save your newly created query.

You would have your new Query saved in the sidebar and your desired data in the Spreadsheet.

Method 2: Connect Google Ads to Google Sheets using Templates

  • Once you have installed the Two Minute Reports Add on for Google Sheets, open the add on and choose Templates
  • You can search for Templates and also add individual search filters for categories and Data source.

    Google ads to google sheets template gallery

  • Once you choose the Template, Click on Use to start mapping your Data Source and Ad Account.
  • Start mapping your Template by adding your newly created Google Ads Data Source and Spreadsheet.

    Google ads to google sheets use

  • Click on Submit.
  • Your Template would be ready now. Click on “Go to new Spreadsheet“ to open your Template.

    Google ads to google sheetsopen

  • Once the sidebar is open, Click on Run all Queries and all the Template data will be updated to your spreadsheet.

    Google ads to google sheets run all queries

Your Template is now ready!

Here! Have a Bonus….. Automate your Reports and Templates

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Start using these quick templates for Google Sheets Now

1. Google Ads - Monthly Performance Analysis

Google Ads - Monthly Performance Analysis
<p>This Template provides a detailed comparison of metrics including Clicks, Impressions, CTR, CPC,
View Template
Google Ads - Monthly Performance Analysis

This Template provides a detailed comparison of metrics including Clicks, Impressions, CTR, CPC, CPA, Cost, Conversions, and Conversion Rate between two months. It also enhances the user experience by dynamically changing charts, facilitating easy comparison of various metrics.


1. Month on month % change (select metrics): This section includes a dropdown box that allows users to compare different metrics. It also features a dynamic chart for the current month's data.

2. Top 10 Keywords: This section presents the top 10 keywords, sorted based on clicks.

3. Device stats based on clicks: This section displays the total number of clicks made through different devices.

4. Device stats based on conversion rates: This section showcases the conversion rates from different devices.

5. Monthly performance: This section provides an overview of the monthly performance analysis for the last three months.

Why connect Google Ads to Google Sheets

When you connect Google Ads with Google Sheets, this integration emerges as a game-changer for businesses and advertisers. This connection empowers you to seamlessly pull data from your Google Ads account into the familiar format of Google Sheets. By leveraging this powerful integration, you significantly enhance your data analysis, streamline reporting, and optimize your Google Ads advertising strategies. Let's delve into the key benefits of connecting Google Ads to Google Sheets, highlighting how this synergy can revolutionize your digital marketing efforts.

  • Enhanced Data Analysis and Reporting with Google Ads

    Using the Google Ads integration in Google Sheets unlocks a new realm of data analysis and reporting capabilities. With the versatile tools of Google Sheets, you have access to custom reports to analyze your Google Ads performance, making informed, data-driven decisions. This integration between Google Ads and Google Sheets simplifies the process of extracting data, ensuring real-time updates so your reports are always current with the latest Google Ads data.

  • Efficient Management of Multiple Google Ads Accounts

    For digital marketers managing multiple Google Ads accounts, integrating with Google Sheets is incredibly beneficial. This integration allows you to access and consolidate data from various Google Ads accounts into one Google Sheets spreadsheet. Particularly for those with a manager account in Google Ads, this offers a comprehensive view of ad performance across different campaigns and accounts, streamlining the process in Google Sheets and saving valuable time.

  • Customizable Data and Metrics in Google Ads

    Google Ads provides an array of data points and metrics. When you connect Google Ads to Google Sheets, you can select specific columns and data points most relevant to your objectives, including adjusting the date range for your analysis. This customization ensures that you're not just collecting any data, but the right data from Google Ads within the specified date range. Whether it's tracking negative keywords, analyzing user engagement, or scrutinizing the cost-per-click in your Google Ads campaigns, Google Sheets enables you to harness and extract data effectively. This powerful feature allows you to focus on specific aspects of your campaigns, such as performance within a certain date range, ensuring that your analysis is both targeted and relevant.

  • Automating Google Ads Data Refresh and Report Generation in Google Sheets

    Utilizing Google Sheets to automate the refresh report feature for Google Ads data can save countless hours of manual data entry. By implementing scripts through Google Apps Script or using add-ons, you can automate the import of Google Ads data into Google Sheets, including the refresh report process. This automation not only negates the need for downloading a CSV file but also facilitates making API requests for data retrieval from managed accounts. As a result, your Google Sheets documents are consistently updated with the latest information from your new Google Ads, ensuring that the refresh report feature keeps your data current. This level of automation in Google Sheets allows for timely and informed decision-making, as you're always equipped with the most recent data from your accounts without the hassle of manual updates.

  • Easy Accessibility and Collaboration with Google Ads and Google Sheets

    A significant advantage of connecting your Google Ads account with Google Sheets is the ease of access and collaboration it offers. As both platforms are under the same Google account, sharing insights and collaborating on Google Ads strategies becomes straightforward. Team members can pull data effortlessly, edit, comment on, and view Google Ads reports in Google Sheets, fostering an environment conducive to collaborative, data-driven decision making.

Integrating Google Adwords data with Google Sheets offers a plethora of benefits for businesses aiming to elevate their advertising strategies. From comprehensive data analysis to the efficient management of multiple accounts and automated reporting, this connection between Google Ads and Google Sheets is an invaluable asset. Embrace this integration to transform your approach to Google Ads data, leading to more successful and informed advertising campaigns.

The most important Google Ads KPIs to track in Google Sheets?

When connecting Google Ads to Google Sheets, it's essential to export key metrics and dimensions from your google ads account for thorough analysis. In Google Sheets, measure your ad campaign's effectiveness by closely monitoring the cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) using the amount spent metric in your Google Ads account. Utilize Google Sheets to calculate the Click-through rate (CTR) and the average CPC or CPM, adjusting your campaign's structure accordingly. In Google Sheets, keep a vigilant eye on the bounce rate (%) and user engagements and their rate to enhance your website's user experience, directly influenced by your Google Ads performance.

Performance Metrics

As the name suggests, these metrics are the key identifiers on how your Ad, campaign and groups performance. Using these, a campaign manager can detect flaws or gains on an existing running ad/campiagn and make the necessary changes on the go.


ImpressionsCount of how often your ad has appeared on a search results page or website on the Google Network.
ClicksThe number of clicks
Amount spentThe sum of your cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) costs during this period
CTRThe number of clicks your ad receives (Clicks) divided by the number of times your ad is shown (Impressions)


Maximize conversions by leveraging Google Ads insights in Google Sheets. In Google Sheets, understand the number, cost, and value of your conversions with metrics such as Cost per Conversion, Conversion Rate %, and Value per Conversion. Analyze both website and cross-device conversions in Google Sheets with All Conversions, and assess the impact of Display Network ads on View-Through Conversions using Google Ads data. Utilize these insights in Google Sheet to refine ad performance and optimize your budget for better results.

ConversionsThe number of conversions. This only includes conversion actions which include_in_conversions_metric attribute is set to true.
Cost per Conversion (CPC)The cost of ad interactions divided by conversions.This only includes conversion actions which include_in_conversions_metric attribute is set to true.
View-through conversionsThe total number of view-through conversions. These happen when a customer sees a Display network ad, then later completes a conversion on your site without interacting with (e.g. clicking on) another ad.
Value per ConversionThe value, on average, of a conversion


In Google Sheets, group your Google Ads campaign results by name, status, ID, and serving status. Use Google Sheets to analyze start and end dates, advertising channels, sub-types, and bidding strategies. This comprehensive view in a Google Sheet helps to maximize ROI and understand campaign effectiveness over time.

Campaign statusGroup results by campaign status
Campaign Start dateGroup results by campaign start date
Serving statusGroup results by serving status
Advertising channel typeGroup results by advertising channel type


Organize your Google Ads accounts in Google Sheets by name or ID for a clearer overview of performance. Use Google Sheets to group performance data by currency or timezone, comparing across markets or locations. Monitor account status in Google Sheets to quickly address any issues and enhance operations.

Account nameGroup by Account name
Account statusGroup results by account status
TimezoneGroup by timezone of the account
CurrencyGroup by currency of the account

In Google Sheets, identify ad performance by analyzing ad name, ID, type, status, final URL, image, headline, and description. Use Google Sheets to optimize ad content, keywords, and targeting strategies in your Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) campaigns. Maximize ROI in Google Sheets by focusing on ads from your Google AdWords campaigns that generate the most conversions.

Ad approval statusThe status of the ad's policy summary approval
Ad slotPosition of the ad
Ad device preferenceThe device preference for the ad
AutomatedIndicates if this ad was automatically added by Google Ads

Ad Group

Use Google Sheets to assess ad group names, IDs, statuses, types, max CPC, and max CPM. Adjust and optimize ad performance in Google Sheets, reallocating budget efficiently. This data in Google Sheets aids in improving ad targeting and increasing conversion prospects while reducing costs.

Ad group statusThe status of the ad group
Ad group typeThe type of the ad group
MaxCPCThe maximum CPC (cost-per-click) bid.
MaxCPMThe maximum CPM (cost-per-thousand viewable impressions) bid

Impression Share

In Google Sheets, optimize ad reach with Google Ads' Impression Share metrics. Monitor Search and Content impression share, Lost IS due to budget or rank, exact match impression share, and top location performance in Google Sheets. Use these insights to adjust bids and improve targeting in Google Sheets.

Search top impression shareThe impressions you've received in the top location (anywhere above the organic search results) compared to the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive in the top location.
Content impression shareThe impressions you've received on the Display Network divided by the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive
Lost content IS due to budgetThe estimated percent of times that your ad was eligible to show on the Display Network but didn't because your budget was too low.
Lost content IS due to rankThe estimated percentage of impressions on the Display Network that your ads didn't receive due to poor Ad Rank


Analyze your video ads performance in Google Sheets using Google Ads' video views, view rate, and watch rate metrics. Enhance video campaigns by creating engaging content and targeting the right audience, optimizing thumbnail impressions for TrueView in-display ads, and improving watch rates in Google Sheets.

Video viewsThe number of times your video ads were viewed
Video view rate (%)The number of views your TrueView video ad receives divided by its number of impressions, including thumbnail impressions for TrueView in-display ads
Watch 50% ratePercentage of impressions where the viewer watched 50% of your video
Watch 100% ratePercentage of impressions where the viewer watched 100% of your video


In Google Sheets, delve into keyword text analysis to determine effectiveness. Track top-performing search terms and evaluate match types and quality scores in Google Sheets. Use keyword ID in Google Sheets to organize and optimize campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

Quality scoreThe quality score
Creative quality scoreThe performance of the ad compared to other advertisers
Post-click quality scoreThe quality score of the landing page
First position CPCThe estimate of the CPC bid required for ad to be displayed in first position, at the top of the first page of search results

By connecting Google Adwords data to Google Sheets, you can comprehensively analyze and optimize your advertising strategies, making data-driven decisions that enhance campaign performance.

Get Google Ads data in other tools too

Two Minute Reports enhances the integration of Google Ads with Looker Studio, offering advanced capabilities for data analysis and visualization. This efficient solution enables users to directly import data from Google Ads to Looker Studio, creating detailed reports and dashboards without the complexity of manual data entry. Looker Studio's customization options allow for crafting personalized formulas and layouts, providing a robust platform for handling large datasets from multiple Google Ads accounts. While the integration with Google Sheets remains an additional feature, the focus here is on the sophisticated analysis and visualization capabilities that Looker Studio brings to the table.

The connection between Google Ads and Looker Studio transforms the way marketers access and present their data. This seamless integration bypasses the need for downloading CSV files, streamlining the process of data manipulation and visualization, a step beyond the basic functionalities offered by Google Sheets. By leveraging Looker Studio's extensive formatting options and easy sharing functionalities, marketers can combine data of Google Ads with other sources for a comprehensive analysis, highlighting Looker Studio's superior capabilities in handling complex data scenarios  and offering in-depth insights that go hand in hand with the supportive role of Google Sheets.

Get to know more about Looker Studio integration

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I export Google Ads to Google Sheets?

You can use our Google Sheets add on Two Minute Reports to get google ads data in google sheets. Please go through the method 1 and method 2 mentioned in this article.

How to automatically pull data from Google Ads to Google Sheets?

You can use our feature Schedule Reports to schedule the queries automatically at your preferred time to automate the whole process without manual intervention.

How do I extract data from Google Ads?

Connect your Google Ads data source using our Google Sheets add on Two Minute Reports and pull the data you want from Google Ads.

How do I extract reports from Google Ads?

You can use our pre-built templates that can be used by connecting your Google Ads data source on our Google Sheets add on Two Minute Reports.