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Get Your Reporting from 100+ Sources to 1 Destination

Automatically collect LinkedIn ads performance data for all important KPIs.

Create stunning performance reports in minutes! With Two Minute Reports, directly connect your client's PPC ads accounts and pull real-time metrics such as click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate and other key metrics to your report automatically.

Easily combine LinkedIn Ads with data from other sources

Compare and evaluate multiple PPC ads campaign performance for cross-channel insights. Analyze how your clients' marketing channels are performing and optimize. Learn all about your target audience's demographics and increase engagement rates.

Keep clients in the loop with automated reporting

Transparency is the foundation of lasting client-agency relationships. Set up automated email reporting cadence, share a live link to LinkedIn Ads report and automate reports to ensure your clients are always up-to-date on their performance.

Are you ready to get the Reports done in Two minutes?


Google Sheets

Create always live, interactive, cross-channel dashboards in Looker Studio and securely share them with your Internal and External users. Create custom landing pages with Omega .

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Google Sheets

Looker Studio

Get Unlimited Insights from your Marketing Data right within your Google Sheets Spreadsheet and monitor your metrics like a hawk. Create custom landing pages with Omega 

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Looker Studio

Why choose Two Minute Reports?

Automate Reports. Save Time

Automate Reports. Save Time

Ditch manual reports & dashboards! Automate them in minutes and save hundreds of hours. Effortlessly pull data from over 30 marketing sources to gain valuable insights and impress clients.

Grow Revenue

Grow Revenue

Maximize client revenue and yours. Discover hidden opportunities to boost growth and stop wasting money on ineffective campaigns. Focus on what works and ditch the guesswork

Transition from Manual

Transition from Manual

Enhance client reporting experience with professional, white-labeled reports and stunning predefined templates.

Maximize multi-source Insights.

Maximize multi-source Insights.

Effortlessly pull data from over 30 marketing sources to gain valuable and actionable insights.

Build Custom Reports

Build Custom Reports

Create reports that matches your brand's requirement. Customise with personalised logo, colour schemes and more!

Feel secure with TMR

Feel secure with TMR

Built with advanced security features, ensure your data is secure including encryption, access controls and more.

  • "Overall, this is a highly potent software that takes your reporting and analytics to the next level. It is easy to integrate and use this software so that you can start using it quickly."
  • "The software is great, very easy to use and does the same as other softwares which charge you x20 its cost."
    DiegoDigital Marketing and Web Design
  • "They have a good choice of connectors. For ecommerces, they do most social media, GA (better than Google's), Shopify, Amazon, Klaviyo. In short, everything we need."
    Fanny MarcouxWeb Analytics Consultant
  • "Two Minute Reports does exactly what it says - it makes it extremely quick and easy to create reports."

Read more about Linkedin Ads Reporting Tool

Impress your clients with beautifully designed custom reports that showcase all aspects of their campaigns at a glance. The ultimate solution for streamlined Linkedin Ads reporting: Two Minute Reports is the best Linkedin Ads Analysis tool, Report Generator and Tracking Software. With our intuitive tool, you can quickly assemble key performance indicators, customize the layout, drill down to your insights, share a live link or deliver reports automatically to your clients' inboxes. Streamline your reporting process with our advanced Linkedin Ads reporting features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track LinkedIn ads?

To track LinkedIn ads, Two Minute Reports can be utilized as a powerful solution, enabling the seamless integration of advertising performance data into Google Sheets or Looker Studio. This method allows for the creation of tailored reports, designed to accurately reflect your LinkedIn advertising campaigns' effectiveness and guide strategic decisions.

How do I check my LinkedIn ad performance?

To evaluate your LinkedIn ad performance, you can leverage Two Minute Reports, which offers a dedicated category for performance metrics. This tool enables a straightforward integration, facilitating the transfer of key performance indicators from LinkedIn into Google Sheets or Looker Studio.

How do I check my LinkedIn ad Analytics?

To check your LinkedIn ad analytics, Two Minute Reports offers a straightforward solution for importing your advertising data into Google Sheets or Looker Studio. This integration allows for the creation of detailed, tailored reports that closely align with your advertising objectives, providing a clear view of campaign performance and actionable insights.