Self Service Analytics for Marketers

We make it fast and easy for you to Monitor, Explore and Report your Marketing Metrics.

Our Products

Explore your Marketing data in your comfortable place using our products that best suits you.

Looker Studio

Create always live, interactive, cross-channel dashboards in Looker Studio and securely share them with your Internal and External users.

Create custom landing pages with Omega .

Google Sheets

Get Unlimited Insights from your Marketing Data right within your Google Sheets Spreadsheet and monitor your metrics like a hawk.

Create custom landing pages with Omega .

Trusted by 4000+ Brands and Agencies


Authenticate & connect to your external APIs/sources.

Create Reports

Convert data into "Ad Performance", "SEO", "Social Media" reports with beautiful Charts and Graphs


Duplicate existing reports, setup scheduling rules and run your reports on Auto-Pilot

Bring your data together

Consolidate your Marketing/Product data from different sources into a Report or Dashboard in minutes. Eliminate hours of manual work


Report the PPC AD metrics of Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc


Get Product Analytics from popular sources like Google Analytics.


Backup SEO metrics like Keywords, Clicks, SERP ranking, FCP, FID, etc


Pull raw data from product, operations or marketing databases.

Get 360° view of your Business

Monitor Ad performance, SEO metrics, eCommerce Sales, Website Analytics, Operational metrics and more from any API—all automatically, no code required.