About us

GoX stands for everything thats above the ordinary, i.e. eXtraordinary. We strive to go the eXtra mile to deliver eXceptional value to our Employees and Customers. Because, at the core we believe in pushing ourselves to becoming the best possible variants of ourselves to not only satisfy the needs of our customers but also to explore and taste the full potential of life.

Through our flagship products under the Two Minute Reports brand, we strive to make Data Analytics easy, affordable, quick to benefit, and interesting for every Marketing personnel out there. In this era where too much data can become an overhead, we make this an opportunity for Marketers to optimize their efforts and realize gains quickly through our products. Self service Analytics, No Code / developer requirements, Simple to use Interface, Fast Response times, Advanced Automation are our avenues to make this possible

We all know, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the taming masters of this data era, we are committed to solving complex marketing problems through the application of these innovative methods as we continue to improve our products.

Meet the team

Our young, unadulterated, energetic team bring plethora of unique possibilities to our workplace.


As a startup we try to do things that most Enterprises would seldom dare to try. This spirit requires a new thought and fresh execution capabilities. Our Fearless minds with their always positive vibes makes this journey fun and exciting and most important of all "possible" for all of us.'

With our growing team of star Developers, Data Engineers, Marketers and Product people, we are very optimistic about the incredible value that Two Minute Reports can deliver in the age of Data and AI. Our products get built from our Chennai office, unless we are working Remotely from different cities in Tamil Nadu, India."