Best CRM templates for Reporting Every Marketer Needs in 2024

By Two Minute Reports - February 23, 2024

If you're diving into the world of marketing and need to whip up instant reports and dashboards, our customer relationship management report templates are just what you need! Embrace the ease of no-code solutions with our CRM templates, perfectly designed for marketers. Whether you're keen on crafting a report or a dashboard for your HubSpot activities, you've hit the jackpot. Our templates are not only user-friendly but also versatile, compatible with Google Sheets and Looker Studio. Say goodbye to proprietary tools and keep everything you need right in your arsenal with our CRM dashboard template and CRM dashboard examples. All this, while ensuring you stay in control and your creations remain with you.

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In conclusion, harnessing the power of our CRM templates is a game-changer for any marketer looking to streamline their reporting and dashboard creation process. With our CRM dashboard template and CRM report examples, you're well-equipped to present data beautifully and efficiently, without the hassle of complex coding. Dive into our resources and discover the ease and flexibility of creating impactful, insightful reports and dashboards for your CRM activities. Let our templates be the cornerstone of your marketing strategy, simplifying your work and amplifying your success.


What are CRM templates?

For platforms like HubSpot, reporting templates in Google Sheets and Looker Studio serve as essential tools for visualizing customer interactions and sales performance. They enable businesses to monitor key metrics and insights, facilitating informed decision-making for improving customer engagement and boosting revenue. Customizable to fit various business requirements, these templates are invaluable for efficient CRM reporting and analysis.

How to create a CRM dashboard?

To create a CRM dashboard in Google Sheets or Looker Studio, you can leverage the capabilities of Two Minute Reports, a tool that facilitates the seamless import and analysis of your CRM data, including customer interactions and sales metrics. This tool allows for easy customization of dashboards to highlight key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with your business goals. With Two Minute Reports, you can use Google Sheets for detailed spreadsheet analyses and Looker Studio for dynamic visualizations, all while utilizing built-in functions and templates for organizing data, creating charts, and ensuring real-time updates. This approach provides actionable insights for enhancing customer relationships and driving business growth.

How do you write a CRM report?

Writing a CRM report involves several key steps to effectively analyze and present customer relationship data. First, define the objectives of your report, such as understanding customer behavior, tracking sales performance, or evaluating marketing campaigns. Next, gather and organize relevant data from your CRM system, focusing on metrics that align with your objectives. Use analytical tools like Two Minute Reports in Google Sheets or Looker Studio to analyze the data, identifying trends, patterns, and insights. Structure your report to include an introduction, methodology, findings, and conclusions. Finally, incorporate visual aids like charts and graphs to make the data easily understandable, and offer actionable recommendations based on your analysis to drive business decisions and strategies.

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