HubSpot - Company and User in depth Analysis Report

By Two Minute Reports - July 24, 2023
Customer relationship management


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About the Template

Check out our latest HubSpot Analytical Report which fetches all of your CRM insights in Two Minutes. You get to infer all the top KPIs like Leads, Contacts, Customers, Leads, Opportunities and subscribers via scorecards and also get to infer their previous month's performance. up next you get timeline charts and table for your selected time period with the same combination mentioned above. Next you have Company Analysis table chart, which helps you analyse the Company name, country, Industry, Money Raised, Annual Revenue and much more. You also get to Analyse the company contact like its Twitter bio, LinkedIn bio, Company website and Facebook page. Finally you get to view the individual insights of your clients. This table would majorly consists of the name, email, job title, phone number and other joining dates of the customer. Try using the Template to get a better perspective of it.

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