Pagination Handling in API Bridge

Currently API Bridget support two ways of handling pages

1. Page Parameter

Page parameter pagination is the simplest one. You just have to specify the page parameter, starting and ending page. And the request will run through those pages and return all the results in the sheet.

Results from the pages 2 to 5. (You can see that in the column D)

Note that the page parameter may differ for other APIs like page, count, etc,. so check the parameter used in your API and specify the same in the Page Parameter field.

2. Offset-Limit

The offset and limit pagination requires offset and a limit per request.

  • Offset – It is simply the number of records you want to skip before selecting records.
  • Limit – It the number of records to be fetched in each request.

For offset-limit pagination, you need to specify the offset parameter, offset value, limit parameter, limit value and the number of records you want to fetch.

For this example, the offset is 300, limit is 80, and the total number of records to be fetched is 500.

You need to refer to the API documentation to feed in the correct values here.

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