Missing ‘Search Impressions’ Data in Google My Business

While using our Google My Business connector, you might notice the absence of ‘Search Impressions’ data from the previous month at the beginning of a new month.

‘Search Impressions’ is the number of monthly searches that showed your Business Location/Profile in the search results. If the number is less than 15, Google reports it as 15.

Why does the delay occur?

The delay is a result of Google’s data processing schedule. The system we use to access the data needs some time – typically at the start of a new month – to prepare the previous month’s data.

When can I see the data?

Usually, the data for the past month is available around the 5th or 6th day of the new month.

Where can I check?

Search Impressions by Search Terms data availability can be checked in the Overview tab of Google’s Performance Dashboard

What’s the best approach?

We recommend waiting until a week into the new month before trying to access the previous month’s search impressions data.

In conclusion, a small delay at the start of each month is expected and not a cause for concern. It’s simply the time Google needs to process and deliver the data.

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