How to whitelist IP addresses for MySQL Database access

When working with Two Minute Reports, you might be required to whitelist IP addresses so that your database can accept connections from us. Without connecting to your database we can’t pull the data required for creating your reports.

We have provided simple commands in this article for your to quickly do the whitelisting.

Please note we don’t allow or execute any other query apart from “SELECT” queries from Two Minute Reports. Queries that modify your database’s data cannot be executed from Two Minute reports.

Whitelist IP address in MySQL

Two Minute Reports’ servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services. Our IP addresses are & You can easily whitelist them using the following commands.

Step 1

Login to MySQL console using the following command in your terminal

mysql -u userwithgrantacccess -p 

Step 2

Run these following commands from inside the MySQL console, after modifying them as per your needs.

CREATE USER 'newDbUsername'@'' identified by 'newDbPassword';"

CREATE USER 'newDbUsername'@'' identified by 'newDbPassword';"
GRANT SELECT ON yourDatabaseName.* TO 'newDbUsername'@'';"

GRANT SELECT ON yourDatabaseName.* TO 'newDbUsername'@' '';"

Hope these instructions helped you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at


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