Ask AI to answer your Questions

What is Ask AI 

Our new Ask AI feature in Two Minute Reports for Google Sheets, helps you fill your queries much faster than before. Instead of manually typing and searching for metrics and dimensions, simply tell the AI what you need in your report, and it will handle the rest.

Who can use Ask AI

This feature can be used,

1. If you are not very sure what metrics and dimensions to use with your data connector or a particular report.

2. If you want to try out a unique or custom report that can fetch a combination of different types of fields for their report.

3. If you want to save time instead of manually searching or typing each metric and dimension for a query.

Ask AI can fulfill all of the above cases by simply providing a quick combination of metrics and dimensions.

How to use Ask AI

Step 1 : Choose Ask AI in the Data Queries section

Once you are in the data queries section, add your Data source and Ad Accounts for your report. Before adding your metrics and Dimensions you would have a button called Ask AI, Click on it.

Step 2 : Generate a prompt using Ask AI

Once you click on Ask AI, you will have the option to enter a prompt and generate fields

For example, here I have asked for the “ Top performing landing pages driving conversions” And Ask AI produces metrics that has Conversions and For Dimensions, we have Landing Page. Also, these conversions are sorted in descending order.

Click on the pencil icon to edit the prompt if needed. Click on Use query to get the metrics, dimensions and sort in the sidebar.

Now, click on Run Query in our TMR sidebar and get your data to sheets!

I hope this article helped you understand the functionality and use case of Ask AI for Two Minute Reports!

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