Unauthorized, user cannot … this item

When opening TMR in a spreadsheet users may receive this error message


"Unauthorised! User emailId cannot .. this item. Please make sure you are logged in using the correct email-id. If the issue persists, please sign out of other Google/Gmail Accounts or try again from an incognito window."

This can happen for a number of reasons

  1. The Email ID that you logged into Google Sheets with, does not have permission to view TMR items.
    • By default, other users cannot view TMR queries, data sources, etc when the spreadsheet is shared.
    • This security measure keeps your data private even if the spreadsheet is shared with others.
  2. You have logged in with a different Email Id that the one you used to create a query in that spreadsheet.
    • Whenever the first query is created on a spreadsheet, that user becomes the owner of the queries in that spreadsheet.
    • Only that user can view, modify the items in that spreadsheet
  3. Or Google has incorrectly detected the wrong EMail ID
    • Unfortunately, there is an ongoing issue with Google (Issue tracker), that doesn’t allow TMR to exactly identify the Email ID that you are using.
    • You can verify if you Google has detected your email correctly, but clicking on the footer of TMR and seeing the Email ID in the MyAccounts section
    • If the email ID there is incorrect, probably your browser window has more than one Google Account sessions.
    • Please sign out of all other Gmail/GSuite accounts and try to use TMR again

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