Scheduled Refresh Failure

This article will help you if you have enabled a Schedule for a Data Query and it fails.

Your Schedule Log must be checked first since it contains the details of the Scheduler Failure.

Schedule Logs
Schedule Logs - Error in Running Queries

The above given image is a Schedule Log, which gives you the list of queries incurred error while running a Scheduled Refresh

The next thing you need to do is to check the Query Logs of the particular Queries mentioned in the Schedule log, as it will give you more information about the Schedule Failure

Query Log

Step 1

Search for the Query name mentioned in the Schedule Log in Data Queries and select the more option which opens an option for you to View Logs of the selected Data Query

Step 2

Select the View Logs option which will display the reason behind failure of running that particular Query

Query Log

Query Logs will display various reason for the Schedule Failure.

Two most common reasons behind Schedule Failure are,

The Data Source of the Data Query might have failed authorization, so what you have to do is, reauthorize the Data Source.

The name of the Sheet might have been changed, which will cause Schedule Failure of a Query

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