Apple Search Ads - Search Term and Keyword Analysis

By Two Minute Reports - October 4, 2023
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Apple Search Ads
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About the Template

This is our Apple Search Ads Template Specialised for Search Term and Key word Analysis. This template would fetch you all the up to date required KPIs like Amount Spent, Impressions, Clicks, CTR, CPA, CPM, CPT etc.. as scorecards to get a cumulative value of the entire date range and also as timeline charts to infer data date wise. Up next you have 2 tables for Keyword and Search Term analysis which gives you insights on Keyword status bid amount and for search term you have Item source and match type. Up next you have the campaign Performance table which indicates the Amount Spent, impressions, Campaign budget and much more. You also get an Ad Performance table to monitor your ads based on its KPIs like Amount Spent, Impressions, Taps, installs etc.. Finally You have 2 Time series charts which are LAT on installs vs Off installs and Avg CPA vs Avg CPT. Click on use Template to get a better perspective of it.

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