Microsoft/Bing Ads - Campaign and Ad Analysis Report

By Two Minute Reports - September 29, 2023
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Microsoft/Bing Ads
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About the Template

This is our Microsoft/Bing Ads template specialised for Ad group and Campaign Analysis. This template would fetch you all the up to date required KPIs like Amount Spent, impressions, Clicks, CTR, CPC, etc.. as scorecards to get a cumulative value of the entire date range and also as timeline charts to infer data date wise. Up next you have Campaign Performance table which indicates the clicks, impressions, CTR, CPC and Amount Spent. Then, you get tables like Ad group analysis and Ad analysis along with its KPIs . Finally you get the demographics section which gets Age group and Gender Insights Pie charts and also geo charts for the Top countries and states, Device platforms and OS w.r.t impressions. Click on use Template to get a better perspective of it.

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