Google Trends - DST, IOT and Related Queries

By Two Minute Reports - November 17, 2023


Google Trends
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About the Template

Check out our latest Template for Google Trends which consists of 3 internal Reports which are Daily Search Trends, Interest Over Time and Related Queries. For the Daily Search Trends Report you get a table which gives you insights like Image Thumbnail, Source, Search Term, Title, Related Queries and Search Volume with heatmaps. You also get a title filter to fetch individual title insights and a date range filter to check for any particular date. Up next you have the Interest Over Time Report where you have a table which fetches insights of the Country, Search Term and Interest rating. You also have a Search Term filter for better analysis. You get a timeseries chart and a pie chart to infer the same followed by a Geo chart. Finally you get the Related Queries Report, in which you get to infer the particular search term's related Queries, its trend type, Interest and Rising percentage. All of these can be used with search term and related query filter. click on preview template to get a better perspective of it.

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