Instagram Ads OverviewInstagram Ads OverviewInstagram Ads Overview
Instagram Ads OverviewInstagram Ads OverviewInstagram Ads Overview

Instagram Ads Overview

Advertising (PPC)
fadsFacebook Ads
gdsFor use with Looker Studio

About the template

This interactive dashboard provides an overview of data such as costs, impressions, clicks, and actions. With this detailed dashboard template, you can monitor the performance of your Instagram Ads. The overview section includes: 1) It features dynamic charts that offer a detailed understanding of your Instagram Ads' performance. 2) It also provides a list of the top campaigns based on expenditure, purchase (Roas), conversion ranking, and link (CTR). 3) The country breakdown section displays the total number of conversions in each country. The breakdown section includes: 1) The device breakdown section provides information on expenditure, clicks, conversion ranking, and link CTR using different devices. 2) The age breakdown section presents information on the number of individuals in various age groups based on their actions. 3) The gender breakdown section shows the total number of actions performed by different genders. 4) The campaign objective breakdown section offers details on the total expenditure, cost per action, actions, conversions, unique link CTR, impressions, and link clicks for different campaign objectives.

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