Pinterest Ads - Campaign and Ad Analysis Report

By Two Minute Reports - September 7, 2023
Advertising (PPC)


Pinterest Ads
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About the Template

We have our first Pinterest Ads Performance Template with all the KPIs needed for a marketer. This Template has date range control, which helps you change date ranges at a single place which in turn reflects on all Templates dynamically. We have added scorecards like Amount spent, Clicks, Conversions, Total Impressions and Reach with previous month comparison data. Up next you get the Account performance section which consists of Reach vs Frequency chart. Then you have the campaign Performance Section in which you have a table with date wise info on Campaign name, Clicks, CPC, Conversions, CPE and Amount Spent with suitable heatmaps. Similar to Campaign Performance you have. Ads Performance chart which consists of insights like Clicks, Reach, CPC, CTR and Frequency. Finally you get geo and Pie charts for Reach by Country and Campaign name. why don't you click the use button to get a better perspective over it.

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